Reviews for "The Orphan: Part 1"

I rarely give 9's

This is a nice start for a series... but the main characters voice sounds a bit like a 16 year old with a sore throaght. I could do voices overs for you if you need more that is.

You've baited me

I'm still a bit unsure where this is going. But, the animation is too good not to watch part 2 when you finish it. I am intrigued. Good Work!

My only critque is that the music is louder than the speech, and the VA didn't come through completly. Other than that, great work.

Well Done!

yes, a thrilling piece to watch! waiting a long time for another good series i can follow, surely this seems it could be the best since salad fingers, really thrilled that episode two will be done in a month.

Couldn't have been more perfect...

There was not even a tiny mistake in this film, the graphics,sound,camera effects and the animations were most professional. I think it's a great start to your flash series.

Good but 1 problem

The voice acting sucked, it sounded really fake. The rest was good, it's left me with suspense.