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Reviews for "Sonic The Lost Emerald 2"


It had a good plot, good fighting, nice animations, and I wanna see the lost emerald in action!

Xcyper33 responds:

Lost Emerald will be ...pretty strong...


That was the best movie I have seen so far. The storyline was great, and I fully understood, the purpose of why you made this spectacular movie. It was long too, I can't believe when people make long movies, the storyline is so good. You have used some MegaMan sprites too, which was swell. When Sonic jumped from ship, to ship I will have to admit that was pretty cool. The music has gone what storyline which was great, and everything.

I will bet the next movie will be alot better, and keep it long I like when movies are long, it will give you a better score. Keep what you are doing I had add this submission to my favorites, which you have to do really well to get my attention, which you did. Why dont you send me a PM when the next movie comes out in the Flash Portal, and I'll vote for it.

Overall good job, can't wait till the next movie comes out.

Xcyper33 responds:

very informed read, thanks for the review!

What flash should be about!

Now this is great flash!
The graphics aren't really flashy or nice but I think that was on purpose.
Sound is great, and the conversations are very game-like.
Two thumbs up!!

Xcyper33 responds:

I'm glad you liked it, the next one is gonna be 10000X better then this one I promise you.

Wow this was well done

Decent graphics for a sprite animation. a solid storyline and fairly good audio used

Xcyper33 responds:

Thanks for the review man :)

Nice Job, my friend.

For a movie that's over 2 years old, it's still alot better than most sprite flashes on here. It's very dramatic. Something my movies don't acomplish all that well... You're skills have inproved... Yes, but that doesn't mean this isn't a good movie. I enjoyed it thouroughly, and I wish you luck to the rest of your future flashes. Well done.

Xcyper33 responds:

WOW Photon, that's a good review. Thank thee, this inspires me to continue on!