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Reviews for "Dailytoon #270"

((( One of the best dailytoons in the season!)))

(((My Review)))

sinista- lol i didnt really hear what he asked for but I can tell it was pretty funny!

Astropuff- OMG thi is one of the greatest things you made yet!

Starberry- I heard that voice before who is it?

GFC- t

keep it up!


Weird al Yankovic is TEH awesomes
Good humor, NED!
Oh yeah...

i+ mAd3 mE fisiklE achracktid 2 porcelain

't' is god, eh...?

I'm sure that 'B' isn't too happy about that, but who cares right?

Not Too Shabby!

THe first 2 were very good, the third was funny, but the 4th one was pretty needless.

If you could make these Toons all like 1, 2 and 3 the series would be a lot better, I feel.

Nice job today, though.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

t is god

this edition brought to you by the letter T...

The star syndicates gone huh? I thought it did sound too good to be true... the best I can probably hope for is like with the clock crew where coolboyman quit thinking they're mostly all "fucking crazy" yet they continued anyway without him, guess ignorance really is bliss on the internetz...

Anywho getting onto the review the first 2 movies in the set were ok I suppose, but as a whole movie like much of the DT series it was pretty forgetable...

TheStarSyndicate responds:

your analogy to the clock crew makes no sense at all

the star syndicate was never gone it was a hoax sheesh