Reviews for "Black vs White 2.0"


I've seen alot of stick fights before but this one was the best I have ever seen, you've raised the bar to all thse who create stick fight movies. I would see this as a referance for people who make stick fight flashes and when there making them refer to this.


Ok now that was the best stick fight ever like i mean it


The music alone won me over! But, the whole movie was very well done! Make some more! ^^


Why doesn't anybody put in the music authors anymore? The flash is ok. It really could use actual sound effects of punching and kicking because it helps to feel the hits ( some movie perfected the fighting scenes, What movie was that, hmm…? Something called The Matrix ^_^) So yeah besides that its stick figures fighting, whoopee, like we haven’t seen that before.


i rearly liked the constant background change and changing the foreground at the same time looked good