Reviews for "Black vs White 2.0"

The greatest stick flash since Xiao Xiao

Personally, I can never sit through a stickman movie, start to finish, but this one was very crafty and origonal. The transitionings were possibly the greatest thing ive seen in a while. Also, I see you are an Infected Mushroom fan like myself! Whats your favorite song? Mine's Scorpion Frog! (going off topic, dammit!)

Anyways, keep up the good work, and im expecting more of these in the future.

jcamelo responds:

Cities of the future. Thank you



Graphic and Sound need a little adjustment

First off, amazing vid, love the black and white transition thing. Now on to the...constructive...criticism.
1)Love your style, but the 3-d portion needs a little working, looks good but it interrupts the flow of the vid, maybe cutting out the blood or reworking the blood will help.
2)The music rocks, but. The transition between the first and second song if a little harsh, maybe fading it more will help.
Again awesome vid, critiques there to make it, just a little more so.

The action is Freakin awsome!!

I loved the way you got this animation sooo smoothe
was is mostly actionscript or hand-drawn?(i am still learning flash =/)Freakin awsome!


wow, this has come such a distance from when i saw it on SPP forums. its so good, i want more.