Reviews for "Earthquake Girl"


reminds me of fooly cooly withy the way the girl acts when she shoots stuff

=3 i are sorry =3

as i said in another review =3
it was good but random. =3 i like random =3
but!!!! you stole MY LINE!!! i are sorry =3
ramen is good also so was your video i liked it almost as much as ramen =3=3=3???!!!???

Smells like FLCL, and thats never a bad thing

BAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Im a massive fan of FLCL, and the redhead reminds me of Haruko, but red has a really big butt, anyone else notice that? Ah well, gluteal jokes aside, the wonton destruction and the fact that the people all go pop when they die pleases me. This deserves a sequel, maybe in space? Hm?

PiGPEN responds:

Heh, i was gonna disreguard your review because youre like the 50th person to note the FLCL similarities acting as if theyre the only one to notice it...
...but you used the word "gluteal" so i think more highly of you...
....but then you misspelled the word "wanton" as a delicious "wonton" so now youre just average.

...space ass sounds good though.

^_^ Fun

... Why should a cartoon be realistic? ^_^

PiGPEN responds:

I think i dig a ditch for myself though with my style...the anime fans think its too cartoony and the toon fans think its too anime......BUT SCREW THEM ALL! HYAH!

I... loved it...

Wow... this was actually... really good. XD I really got the FLCL vibe while watching it. Very good job, kudos on the good work.