Reviews for "Earthquake Girl"


strange begining strange middle heck the hole thing was streange but it had the raw violence i enjoy

she's f*ing hot

wow that girl is hot but what the hell is up when she licks her ass/pussy?

XD lol

perfect dfinition of...
earthquake girl- a human cat that is quite, hyper, and a murderer

i r sorry

i lol'd

here and there the graphics were a little iffy, but the humour and the randomness kinda makes up for it :D

keep up the hilarity ^^
peace x

I always wanted to do that!

Go on a distruction spree in the middle of the city that is. Thought it was kinda mean the way she blew up the guy with the camera though, and I don't get the super-prominent butt-cheeks either. it's a nice movie, but there's something that keeps it from getting a 10 in my view, but I can't put my finger on it.