Reviews for "Earthquake Girl"

Very good...

This definately needs a part two.

Good, but not great

A good concept for a cartoon, but I found some things lacking.

First, your artistic style is fluid, but I found that some parts of the movie were too sketchy for me to stay focused on. It was all very smooth, but the "rough" look wore on my eyes and detracted from the movie. I think it was the way your characters moved that bothered me the most. It was almost TOO surreal, even considering the style.

The humor was random and odd, which I like (for example, the girl's obnoxiously large ass was a nice touch), but for some reason, I wasn't laughing as much as I thought I would. Maybe I just couldn't get past the graphics.

The sound was synched well, and the violence fit the mood perfectly. Overall a good submission, but your character movement needs some work.

PiGPEN responds:

Mmmmm, i wish you could tell me what was wrong with how the characters moved because i cant see it.
Note taken anyway.

Good, man, good.

Aw, man...she've gone crazy!

so true

hot chicks do get away with everything. I absolutely loved it, especielly the ending. horray violence! (and hot chicks falling of tops of buildings and walking off seemingly unharmed)

nice movie dude.

Yo man this movie is teh bomb.. i watched it 3 times cuz it was sooo good. i lieked ur animation styler... rely good

p.s. i lieked wen earthquake girl was licking her clit :D. lmao