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Reviews for "Runner"

Nice, but...

Are there 6 fingers on her right hand? (Our left)

Really Good

This picture is excellent. Everything is detailed and done really well. However, I find that, at a glance, the characters clothing blends in to the background and seems to be overshadowed by the bright orange of the trailer. I found that my eye would look to the dark blue water bottle as that seemed to stick out the most. Maybe a different colour for the trailer would have made the character stand out more. I learned in Art school that people tend to look at bright vibrant colours like orange.

But the characters suit colouring is done well enough that it does stand out from the trailers orange and my complaints really are nothing more then nit-picking. Overall a excellent picture.

Le Gasp

My jaw totally dropped at this one

very smexy :D

but in a very strong and artistic way


i think this is one of the best I've seen on
newgrounds, congrats!