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Reviews for "Runner"

She's beautiful.

Everything from the shading, to the subtle pose....Everything about this piece is well-crafted....I can only wish for a fraction of your prowess in my illustrations...I'm looking forward to more of these submissions.

amazing artistical skills

i agree with wumba im only looking at it on internet and i love it i think people would really get into your artistry no matter what age range good job this is a five star picture and i hope to see more


Whatever the knee dude THIS LOOKS AMAZING! NICE JOB!

Dont Worry About wrong things, if someone does something wrong he learns to avoid that

BTW keep it up!


really awesome, couldn't even do in a eternity!
maybe you only missed at knee, it look a bit too spiky? no? well my rating stays like that.
only if i had the power to enter in my drawings/creations or others xD

dramaticly skinny. lol

v good and nice use of colour i noticed the girl was overly skinny aint sure if this was supposed to be like that. any ways v good keep up the good work