Reviews for "Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush"

lil merry for a boss batlle, isn't it?

This is the standered boss (is it?), The eletric guitar spoiled it a 'lil though... Anywho, keep it up!

Joshy676 responds:

Nope. Big boss theme (guys like Mack, Yaridovich, etc.) Sorry about the spoiling, but I felt the best way to poke a little fun at the song through remix was to change the feel of it. Thanks for reviewing, though.

Really good

Really good, I loved The Guitars

-The Scion

Joshy676 responds:



Wow, lol, good job with this. I like how you added parts on little by little. The guitar is pretty cool, but it sort of seems off-rhythm or beat or something.

Don't take it harshly or anything but I don't like how you use so much.....BASIC sounding guitar in all your musical pieces, you have to distort them and have them sound really awesome, that'd be great. But this song is still pretty cool, and loops almost perfectly too!

Joshy676 responds:

See, there's my problem -- FL Studio sucks with distortion. Trust me, I want more dist. too! Thanks for the review.