Reviews for "Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush"

Nostalgia... *sniffle*

Man, this brings back memories... Bowyer, good ol' Yaridovich...

This is just perfect! You not only bring back to life the original song, but you increase it's quality tenfold! Very nice.

Also, I seem to remember another boss song... I think this one only played when you fought against one of Smithy's men, but there was another song used for other big bosses... Have you done that one?

Joshy676 responds:

Not yet, but I know which one you're talking about. It's mostly for mini-bosses, but I do recall some bosses being fought under that one.

Thanks for your review, and I think I might do that one, in ways much better than I did Boss Rush.

Damn I love that game, and this song

I admit I pull out the ole SNES sometimes when I have absolutely nothing else to do. When I hear this song I see one very clear part from that game: Yaridovich using water blast and beating the shit out of my whole party in one damn spell. I hated him so much!...but I digress. I just found this after I finally caught that flash featuring Rawest Forest and went looking for more remixes. There are two songs in SMRPG that I remember very distinctly. This one and the one inside the second half of Booster's Tower. In conclusion, kickass song, and keep on with the video game remixes. Now, where'd that SNES get to?

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review, and I hope you find your SNES!

You did it

I must say that you made my day perfect with this song, it's ones of my favorites.
Just a bit slow between one of the spots.

Joshy676 responds:

It's not so much that it's slow; there's a phrase in the song so low in pitch at the start of it that a "guitar" is just naturally not capable of reaching -- not to mention it's a polyrhythm over the main groove. So hearing only a part of it is going to sound like it slows down.

Thanks for your review.

nice song and all

nice song and all but its REALLY off beat... thanks for trying i think u can make WAY better thing since u have so much time

Joshy676 responds:

You're stupid, you know that, right? This is two years old. Hey, I got an idea. How about YOU try something better? Oh, wait -- you can't 'cause you suck.

Very nice

I have the original song on my MP3 player. This is prolly my favorite song from Super Mario RPG. I like what you have done with a classic.

Joshy676 responds:

Thank you sir, for your review. This is the first review I've responded to since the NG update.