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Reviews for "I was - Halloween"

Wonderfull !

Every time I'm able to watch a great low size file like this, that has all the aspect of a good flash, it makes me happy;

at last ! some peoples understand how to use precious bandwritch !

Atzu responds:

You're right. And just for the ones that read this review and like to make flash movies: make all the graphics that appear more than once symbols.
There are other tips for doing it. But this is not the space for telling them.

Just remember that the Internet sometimes is not always as fast as we would like it to be.

...I LOVED IT...

~ This was a great flash movie. I really liked the drawings, and the style. Everything moved pretty smoothly. Also, I like the idea and plot for this movie, but I think that it could have had a 'PLAY' button. Also, it could have been longer, maybe... and not been a loop? ~

{ 3/5 }

Atzu responds:

First, I have to say Thankya.
Yep it should have been a longer animation, but the ideas never showed up. About the Play button, I don't quite remember why I missed it, but I will remember it for next one.
Thanks Frenzy.


i think it came out better in spanish

the sentences.... i don't know...
seemed kinda weird in some places...
the spanish question marks
i think it's still cool and also u translated it but...
have someone go over the translation

Atzu responds:

Yep. You're right. ┬┐Do you suggest me to look for someone on this forum to translate them?
If so, send me a private message or something.

Remember this

if your used to writing in spanish and tried to write in english for a flash,you did pretty good.Exept you added the " !YAY!" thing when you add an upside down exlamation mark at the beggining of each yelling word.We here english people say it like this: "YAY!" .Try to remember that ok? that was still a good flash.

Atzu responds:

:p I think I forgot that... Now that you remember it to me I will check the other animation I was going to submit to watch over for the same mistake. Thank ya.

Well it was a bit too short...

But it was really cool. I liked your characters. And adding the sound for when the speech bubbles came up was a nice addition. Even the animation was pretty good. I hope to see more of your work, this flash was cool.

I can't wait for Halloween! :D

Atzu responds:

And I say Thank ya. I also want to make more animations with this charas.

(I should add that I love the "bubble sound" too)