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Reviews for "I was - Halloween"


Good to see your in the spirit of the Halloween season already... Looking out for the great pumpkin? LoL, jk. Anyways, I thought it was desent. You're pretty good with the graphics. I'd like to see more movies in the future.

Atzu responds:

Jeje, actually I wasn't thinking in the Halloween when I submited it. Just in the animation itself, I made it last year and I submited it today. (or should I say yesterday?)
Whatever, thanks for your comments and may you have a happy Halloween when it really is.

Above average

This movie gets an above average score. The sounds were somewhat good, but it was sort of slow. Anyhow, try to make it less choppy. Keep it up.

Atzu responds:

Thank ya. I agree it was sort of slow. I will check it out again to know how to improve the "choppiness" for next time.

Well it was a bit too short...

But it was really cool. I liked your characters. And adding the sound for when the speech bubbles came up was a nice addition. Even the animation was pretty good. I hope to see more of your work, this flash was cool.

I can't wait for Halloween! :D

Atzu responds:

And I say Thank ya. I also want to make more animations with this charas.

(I should add that I love the "bubble sound" too)