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Reviews for "~|| After the Rain"

music videos

Ur traks make awesome 4 music videos, espesialy animated ones! XD u know u can sell ur tracks right? some can even sell to like a few thousand dolers

T-Free responds:

Yeah, I'll just have to be signed, then I can earn some money with my music, too. Who knows when the time will come? xD
I'm glad you enjoyed this one, too. Thanks!

Beatiful melody, cool beat - WOW!

The melody is just great and totally fits your beat - omg I love this song. Keep up the great work!

T-Free responds:

I will. Thanks, DissCent! :]

Divine, as usual!

Are you sure you're not the God of Music in disguise? :P I definitely feel the emotion in this song! It's like the rainbow after the storm, letting you know that everything will be okay. :D I especially love the transition at 1:06. Beautiful!

T-Free responds:

Yay, thank you so much Clari!
And... *cough*... don't give away my identity! XD
Just kidding, it's great to see a review from you again. :)


Beat already on my phone, take headphones and whole way to work are easier ^^
i love part from 1:00 and that guitar + part when drums stops =D

T-Free responds:

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed this piece! That motivates me, thanks. :]

this is killer!

loved the piano,the beat was sick!


T-Free responds:

Thank you very much for the early review, PK! :D
Great you enjoyed it!