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Reviews for "~|| After the Rain"

5/5 10/10!!!!

i have never heard such a awsome hip-hop like this.you just made the new hip-hop....great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T-Free responds:

Thanks, SpartanDefender! *bows* :D

Melodic Tune!!

Truly in a word INSPIRED, you definatly nailed the concept of mixing orchestra strings with hip hop...as always the piano enriches the tone of this melody. This kept my mind racing with tons of words that I wasnt able to keep up to jot them down but I'm definatly down with writing lyrics to this one unless someone else is ahead of me already xD Thank you for producing such songs that keep my creativity flowing out. You, Caine, and MYD_Boi proved me wrong that not only Trance/Electronic music can inspire my lyrics. :}

T-Free responds:

Thanks a ton, lamara! I can't express how happy I am to have fans like you, THANKS! :D

Truly amazing.

I guess everybody will "float" when them hear this song.
This song is so peaceful...(Can't stop listening to it.)
I bet this song could be called "Peaceful emotions" too!
10/10 5/5.
Oh, and downloaded.

T-Free responds:

Thank you very much, Thur-San! Great to see a review by you again! :)

Alles, was ich tun kann, ist Vielen Dank

Oh mein Gott den Menschen

Sie haben mir wieder Wunder.
Das ist wirklich erstaunlich, könnte ich diese einfach aufreißen!
Ich weiß, dass ich für viele deine Beats habe gefragt, aber ich habe noch nie etwas davon gehört

T-Free responds:

I'd like to thank you, too. You're a great listener, keep being who you are, Gucunuka! Thanks a lot!^^

Hell yeah!

Loving this one buddy! Great emotions! 10, 5, downloaded :)

T-Free responds:

Yay, thank you so much! Man, I want to see something new from you, too! :D