Reviews for "Nova Blizzard Art contest 2005"

Damn you!

That poor Hydra! What did he ever do?! Spit at you?! D: Psh. People spit on eachother day! They don't get shot. You make my soul cry!


This art is quite creative and is also very artistic. However, she looks as though she is afraid and her gun is in an awkward position. But other than that, this is a great and creative art. Keep up the great work!

starcraft ghost?

Yeah it seems like she is saluting to someone but her gun is in an awkward position for that and there is a dead hydralisk behind her so i assume that is just killed, just have to fix her pose. her legs are a bitch crossed together like shes cowering in fear also

Good, but you ouverlooked a few things...

Subject: Pose is awkward - she's standing almost too straight. The rifle doesn't seem to shift her weight at all; how would one hold a weapon that size and weight, at that angle, with only one hand and not bend the wrist? The right arm seems to be forcing in a straight position behind the leg; a slight angle in the elbow would fix that. Legs appear to be locked straight as well, "twinning" the pose; again, how she holds that rifle up with her legs creating that center of balance is beyond me. Wonderfully detailed, but defies the laws of physics.

Background: Seems to have been rushed, but it does relay the dark atmosphere of the environment, which can be difficult to do. The ambient lighting is mostly correct,save for a couple reflections off the rifle where there shouldn't be any. The creature silhouetted against the flames is a nice touch, as is the dead one behind her.

Summary: This is four years old, and you've probably improved since then. But in spite of your attention to detail, there are definite points where this could have been done better. 6/10 and 3/5 from me.

knockwurst responds:

I appreciate the honesty, and yes I can agree with everything you said : ) Thank you


The lighting is wrong. She looks super-imposed into the background. You should also work on the overall definition of the background. It's sketchy compared to the girl/hydralisk.