Reviews for "Nova Blizzard Art contest 2005"

time for a real review.

Overall Color is good.

The pose is stiff and boring, Kinda liek you just drew from an anatomy book and threw armor on it.

The background is interesting but dosnt help or interact with the character at all.Kinda like it was draw on a layer under it.

The overall perspective seems a bit off. the char/gun go great together but the background dosnt. I can tell because the Girl is right on infront of you but the background isnt. It looks liek your looking up and down the hall way.

could be due to the roof?

Overall its an ok picture but i doubt it will win a blizard contest. ( sorry if i was harsh but thats how we grade work in my classes at school, to the point and no beating around the bush).

Starcraft Ghost, never got to play it

hmmm they should definitely make a new First person shooter all about starcraft, where you could be a marine and shoot zerglings, then be a ghost where the missions would be like Special Operations, infiltrating bases and shit.



Starcraft Ghost..

Almost glad it was cancelled, I didn't want to play a bad game......and it didn't look that good, well Nova sure as hell looked good (haha), but I was talking about gameplay.

Anyways nice pic! Looks like you'd been drawing for 2-3 years at this point, a while ago. Maybe longer, again, shading stance of Nova an the hydra actually looks pretty acurate. Perspective looks kind funky to me. too......


The sexiest ghost in history.
The picture itself is outstanding. She does seem to be in a bit of an awkward positiong though. Only thing that seriously drags it down is that it doesn't have any Protoss. xD (Kidding, that didn't affect my rating)