Reviews for "C&D #5 Trip to Austria"


ik d8 al da jullie van holland ware ;) zeker opt einde me de bloopers te hore :p:p
goeie graphics goeien humor ma jullie prate wel beke stil he :p^^

(translation: " i tought so u guys were from holland ;) especially with hearing the bloopers at the end :p:p
good graphics , gr8 humor but u talked too quiet :p^^)

RavenJinn responds:

Dankje wel man ;)
(translation: thank you)

That was SO funny...

That was So funny, it was so funny it made my eyes tear totally up.
It's funny how a submission with not the best graphics can be so funny it makes people give it 10 in overall, thought I'd have to say, you guys (or whoever did it) did an ok good job by cutting your faces and stuff out.

I am DEFINITLY looking forward for you guys next project, I even put you in as number 2 on my "favourit authors" (right after Knox). So take your time making the next one (that is, if you're gonna make a next one), cause you'll need that to make one better than this one.

Keep up the super great work

RavenJinn responds:

thank you man, I will make a next episode.
its so great to know that people like you enjoy the serie

really funny

reminded me of angela annaconda and its funny to see other dutch people 2 DOEI!

RavenJinn responds:

Yes I heard that before about angela, thank you

--- Simply Wonderful! ---

Another magnificent and hilarious episode of the C & D show!

RavenJinn responds:

That's so great te hear :) thank you.

Simply Superb

Fantastic work, friend. These episodes keep getting better as they go. This is one of the best and most original internet series I've seen to date, and I wish you the best of luck with it.

RavenJinn responds:

Thank you. That's great to hear!