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Reviews for "The Mighty Trio 1.2"


Well I thought it was rather spiffy personally. I would write more, but I suddenly have a project to embark upon involving a lawn tractor and which is most likely completely unrelated in anyway to this cartoon. I think.


wouldn't mind seeing the third one. hope its longer.

Haha nice job

Very funny, and some decent characters, i have not seen the other or others but ill be sure to soon as this was pretty funny you have a good style of humor, my style of humor, so anyways nice job on this.

Funny humor.



yea i thnk the only part i like wuz the tv which rlly made up 4 the rest of the flash's shittyness. horrible drawing jokes everything. the tv thing saved it so yeah

Ghosty22 responds:

You thought the drawings were "shitty?" What was shitty about them?

Did you watch the previous episode?


Was pretty good, kinda made no sence but im sure it will in time

Ghosty22 responds:

Uh... You thought it was good? You do realize that a "2" is a bad score, right?