Reviews for "The Mighty Trio 1.2"

Haha nice job

Very funny, and some decent characters, i have not seen the other or others but ill be sure to soon as this was pretty funny you have a good style of humor, my style of humor, so anyways nice job on this.

Funny humor.


This was even better than the last one

It was a heck of a lot funnier and more engaging overall. Thoroughly enjoyed it, watching the 3rd one now.


Well I thought it was rather spiffy personally. I would write more, but I suddenly have a project to embark upon involving a lawn tractor and which is most likely completely unrelated in anyway to this cartoon. I think.


yea i thnk the only part i like wuz the tv which rlly made up 4 the rest of the flash's shittyness. horrible drawing jokes everything. the tv thing saved it so yeah

Ghosty22 responds:

You thought the drawings were "shitty?" What was shitty about them?

Did you watch the previous episode?

Lol that was funny

Lol, that was funny. Actually, when looking back, I can't seem to find the part that made me give this 9 in overall and 4 in that other voting thingie, but I just did cause it made me laugh, hm, maybe it was what the TV was saying that made me laugh. anyway, it was random but funny

Ghosty22 responds:

Random? Hmmm... Did you watch the previous episode? That's the only way I can think of in order to explain why it would seem "random..."