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Reviews for "Doula-Ball"

I like

I like this game but its just to slow for me it gets boaring and its hard for me to keep interested

ok, but a little boring and glitchy

It's ok but gets boring after a while. There were a lot of glitches. Occasionally the ball would go through the bumper or something. Also when it said to lock 2 balls for birth, i did, i even locked up to like 5, but it never continued, it still said i needed to lock the balls.


I suppose its good to see that some people care about education! LOL! but the last review was right.. waaay too hard a game, but enjoyable for a couple of plays. i also thought it was slightly slow for a pinball game but overall better than the average.

(( Lol interesting ))

This was abit strange and creepy lol, but it was also entertaining and i had some fun with it, nice idea and decent graphics, could use some downsizing though.

Downsizing would be nice for faster loading times.

Fun game, strange idea heh.


It's ok!

I didn't think it was going to be like a pin ball game though.