Reviews for "Doula-Ball"

I love the way this pinball game works

I love pine ball and i love this game not just cuz its pinball but cuz of the way its done its halleryus at lest to me it is so keep it up I LOVE IT.


n this is why i'm never having kids. lol... no, seriously. i thought the game was pretty funny. everyone loves a giant, light-up penis!!! y not 3? ...makes sense. n how the one time.. i guess i got stuck in the pubes (ew!...she should shave) bumper bar... n it auto slingshotted me into a falopian tube. i almost spit out my beer. thanks for the laugh.


I noticed that you got a lot of bad ratings. I personally thought it great. Yeah, it took a long time to get to where I was trying to go, but in a real pinball game it normally does take awhile... it also takes a long time in labor. That might be why I like it so much. I'm a new mom. I thought this was freaking hilarious. Wish my labor had been half as much fun.


yo nice game this game should be at skool or pubs and ill tell u why: if its for skool well its fun and educational and we all know that kids loves to play games lol and as for pubs well every guy that goes to pubs all wants pussy trust me i know cause im 1 of them lol so heres a game that we can play if we dont get any luck finding gurls in the pub lmfao


..never win this game