Reviews for "Final Fantasy X Theme - Remake"


Being a pianist myself, i didnt appreciate the computer piano :P Anyways, because of that, the piano pedal wasnt well put(kinda hard to do on acomputer) so it destroyed the songs actual atmosphere. What makes a piano song is the emotion put into by the person and the nuances that come out of it, unfortunelty there wasnt any in this which made it boring to my ears. You have ALOT more potential than this diabolo! I study in classical composition and to your preview response i say that maybe i can help you a bit then? Id be more than happy too

p.s.: I could even play you that song on the piano:P




Rather sweet-hearted?

I was listening to this - it's just to happy, too slow. The entire reason why the other one was it's fast paced good ol' sound.

Although, I give you credit - I never would've done this XD

Of course, this is better than anything I'd ever do.

Diabolo-ical responds:

No, this song has almost the exact same tempo. I based this on the original theme, so practically every note is the same and is in the exact same place... anyway, thanks for the review. :D

pretty good.

got a good beat could dance to it.. yeah wit the right someone