Reviews for "Final Fantasy X Theme - Remake"


Brought back memories of trying to cheat because a random battle would kill me going to the lighthouse or deck or whatever it was... it was at the sea.

Absolutely amazing.

I honestly have been trying to beat this game the past week (I know, late to the party) and so I've heard this quite a lot recently, and I seriously thought that this WAS the song from FFX. The only thing different is the background notes are a bit too low. But really, it doesn't matter. I love this so much. Kudos to you.


Awesome. Really nice. Don't listen to anyone who says the tempo is wrong or bad. It's perfect. It really brings out the emotion inherent in this song. If yo uhave the sheet music for this please PM me. I'd appreciate it.

he is right

the tempo makes it sad and that is the meaning of this song if its fast its not that sad then its just a rampage of sound ^,^


the guy below me says its 2 slow and he is wrong the tempo is the best part of this