Reviews for "Final Fantasy X Theme - Remake"


very very good choice of song. This is clearly my favorite song from a game.
I think that very many like it alot too, thats why someone has reviewed this song like they have (chubby-chobby and Oney). The differences between this remake and the original is just too paining to hear. Feels like someone is playing a scale and just leaves out the last note. I agree slightly with chubby-chobby that it feels a bit robotic. You follow tempo too good to be like the original that is played more freely.

But dont think that I dont like it! I love it! Very very beautiful play and you have almost managed to grasp the original perfectly.
(It would however been even better if you could make this even more like or different from the original, the way you have made the song, its like you have tryed to be as like the original as possible but not managed quite)

anyways, thx for submitting!

Don't listen to tards like the two below me!

They expect it to be spot on and the same as the original apparently, but i think you have done a wonderful job, i don't hear clashes and it definitely does not sound awful. You did your own to this song and it was a great job man, i honestly liked it a lot.

some horrible clashes in the beggining

which are all too noticeable due to the 'rawness' of the track, being only piano and all.
Maybe i just know the original too well, but i cant get my head around some of the changes.
And it needs to be a little more freely played.. it sounds so robotic...

still love the song
and it wasnt a bad version.

that sounds awful

you need to put more reverb in. that sounds way to computerised. plus the notes are horribly off


dude you are a legend with this song.you are a GOD!!.i hope i could make music like you LOL.