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Reviews for "Bee Commando"

getting there

the game play is fun and simple. it would be better if there was a story line that wasn't focusing on the hardships of bees. bottom line, i am just saying this game would probably be much better if it focused on humans instead of bees.

very good

very good, took me a while to understand it but its simple once you get the hang of it


I can't even play the bee just flys arond and smacks into the other hive i don't get at all? Plz tell how to play and ill change it to a higher rating.

Great gameplay, only a bit short

This game was the first I ever played on NG and in my eyes there are only few that are nearly as good...

it just is such a funny Idea, wich has been transported in the game...

although...it was rather short and too easy...

This is a game I play when I'm feelin down

Fun as hell!! takes a while and is very addicting...Love the voices. ::snicker::..best way to play is to be in front of your hive and block...But I like to keep attacking over and over and hope I kill their hive before they kill mine...makes it more of a challenge. Have beat the game alot but still have fun playing. Great game...keep up the good work!