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Reviews for "Bee Commando"


This game is really nice because you can recruit and take away bees from your team.


the queen be gets a machinegun!!wtf so unfair

rawmean01's review

Bee Commando is one of the most solid stratigic/action games i have ever played. The controls are very simple, infact every thing is used with the mouse, hold left mouse to shield, and click left mouse to attack. Although this game might seem a action game at first, timing your attacks and sheild is very critical if you want to win. The game is set up as war, spreading out your army and taking on the enemy on a 1 on 1 death match. When you are playing the game you will also notice small bees following your leed, these guys are important because the more you have the more damage you dish out on your enemy's hive. The way you get these little support bees is by spreading out your units. The enemy also has them as well, The way to kill them is if they charge right into your shield. After you beat th army you face the king bee, im not going to ruin it, but if you want to beat him hang more on defence, rather than offence. The only problem is that thier is no way to keep track of your progress, and i find that a little bit agrevating, but thats the worst of this game. This is a very awesome game that should be noticed. I give this a 9/10.


Great game. Deserves to be a 10/10. Great haveing the queen Bee be the final boss. Nice.


9ive played this on anothe website ant i thingk it rubbish -99999999999999999999/5