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Reviews for "Bee Commando"

great game but...

I really liked this game, however I found that every now and then the enemy would take off more health with just their lead bee (not the king) than i did with my entire swarm, it got kind of frustrating when I would deflect all of their bees and then attack, only to find that while I was attacking the lead bee would get up and take off 1/2 my health with one attack.

Very clever.

The style and concept are both very interesting. Kinda makes me want to make less abstract games and more cutesy character based games. The Risk aspect of the game was a bit confusing at first, though (I figured I could move troops and fight battles at will, not only be able to fight once every few turns, but I figured it out soon enough). Of course, I could have checked the help button, but who does that? :P.

I especially like how the gameplay encourages patience and looking for an opening, since if you play super aggressively the computer will take advantage of it and take you out before you get to take it out. A refreshing change of pace from most games.


that was one of the best internet games i've played. this game is strictly tactical, making this fun and interesting. with evenly balanced upgrades and smart AI, this gives the player a tough time trying to kill the opponent without patience and timing. but after a while, this may become repetitive. i suggest having more characters or more varieties of defeating the opponent. overall, though, it is very good.

beat it

Thsi game takes way too long and the missiles accuracy is atrocious improve it and make iyt shorter or easier to kill the hive also add a shield killing item.


This was a well-made, well-thought-up game. I mean, seriously. Bees fighting each other? Who'da thunk? Took me a few tries to understand how the queen bee worked, but once I did, I kicked her ass.