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Reviews for "Bee Commando"

Um that was interesting.

Cute sound affects and fun!

Interesting ...

... very fun and engaging. Maybe one with ants next time? Make it a bit like that awesome Age of War game. But bees are better.

4 of 5

the good
i liked how it was made a laid out. and the battles were pretty fun
the bad
it was really easy except the last battle was pretty annoying
overall it was fun and somewhat challenging(only the end) but great job tho

very good...

really good...have you ever considred making another one like you can build bees during the game?

quite good

quite good realy dotn see where people get there problems with it being to hard its so damn easy one you get the hang of it quite fun as well the enemy quien is wicked with her gun but i think she is to easy still good idea and well done as well. keep it up mate