Reviews for "A Life for Sebastian"

So soothing & tranquil

This was quite the beautiful track you made,i loved it's heavenly feel it had and it was a song you could just kick back & relax to,the quality was great and overall it was really enjoyable,keep up the great work. =)

Love it!

Yhea! It's really calm you down, I don't know why but i reminds me of halo... Mabey It the voices in the back gound.

Any way,Three thumps up!

My favorite of yours

Very chill. It definately hit the spot for the particular mood i was in. whatever the hell that means haha.


Definitely works for an underwater flash! Gorgeous and calming. Sets a lovely mood. :)

so long and so smooth...

and this song is awsome too xP no but srsly nice job dude i really hope to see more of your work