Reviews for "Tutorials R us #1!"

Well Built Tutorial!

This covers a subject not commonly covered and is well presented! The ability to play the end results is a great way to conclude the tutorial. The size of the tutorial is the real kicker. Well done and I hope to see more quality tutorials from you!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

well thankyou FightersPledge. I'm glad that is pleased you which is what i was aiming to do! More tutorials on your way!

really good will!

thats a pretty descent tutorial will. ill have to test it out.
if it works it could help in the game im working on ^_^

DAGamesOfficial responds:

Thanx for the thumbs up ben! I think I should make more tutorials and I will pick a tutorial that nobody elase has done... like guide layers!

You need sound..

but this will definatley b added to my fav submissions since it's gonna be so helpful for when i make a rpg game, which may be forever -.- but yea, good job

DAGamesOfficial responds:

YAY! I'm glad you like this tutorial. Although in this tutorial I couldnt add sound as whever I did it kept replaying the sound so it keeps playing twice. but I'm sure that can be fixed ;).

Great tutorial

I haven't actually tried to make a turn by turn battle system in flash yet using this. But it looks pretty cool. Only one problem. You can heal well over the starting 100 health in this tutorial. Maybe finishing this tutorial, and saying how to fix this problem so people can make cool games would help. Would like to see more.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

I'm not actually sure how to do that though, lol :/ but thanx for da 8!


Work..it dosent work..plz fix it..

DAGamesOfficial responds:

umm, why couldnt ya just email me?