Reviews for "with the last drop of juice"

Wow! Awesome!

Amazing! Love everything about it... the colors, the linework, the theme.
The only thing is that you used the wrong tag, it's "cotmrobomance", and I'd hate to see this out of the challenge

Paxilon responds:

I FREAKIN KNEW IT. *flips desk*
Thanks a lot, for the stars and the heads up! I don't know why I didnt copy/paste that into the search field. Hot tip: don't do all the drugs I apparently do, cause it messes you up right.

Reminds me of that chappie movie o.o

Very Good.

The fact you were able to set a scene, with a robot who has no physical features or anything apart from a little face icon.. to have it showing what I'd consider to be a powerful bond. Wow. I find myself wondering what happens next and what would the injured man think when he awoke?

God damn, bloody brilliant.