Reviews for "with the last drop of juice"

Awesome man, this is great!

Lordy, lord, 8 Livestream emails, and two of them showed up after you finished this!

It does look very detailed and the subject is touching, though I don't know how I'd feel with an educated toaster tending to me in my final hours O_o A chest wound like that, wouldn't take long for Mr. Reaper to collect his quarry... Still, pretty nice a recon drone would take the time to tend to a citizen, guess the mission went FUBAR.

Paxilon responds:

Ahhaha, noooo! I was having a lot of trouble with the stream so I had to restart it roughly ten billion times. I hate Livestream Broadcaster.

"DO NOT WORRY, CITIZEN, I WILL HAVE YOUR ENGINE DE-GREASED IN 17.459 SECONDS. ALLOW ME TO OPEN UP YOUR CHEST COMPARTMENT TO ACCESS YOUR MAIN PUMP." Although I do remember the Terminator being a fairly efficient field medic in T2.
"I have detailed files on human anatomy."
"Sure, makes you a better killer."
I don't know who I would rather have at my bedside, though--Arnold or this cute little toaster?

Amazing! Love everything about it... the colors, the linework, the theme.
The only thing is that you used the wrong tag, it's "cotmrobomance", and I'd hate to see this out of the challenge

Paxilon responds:

I FREAKIN KNEW IT. *flips desk*
Thanks a lot, for the stars and the heads up! I don't know why I didnt copy/paste that into the search field. Hot tip: don't do all the drugs I apparently do, cause it messes you up right.

I legitimately got really cold after seeing this. Brilliant work!

Paxilon responds:

I was cold while drawing this, too, but that's because the heater in my room is broken :(

This reminds me of HR Geiger, only much sweeter. He always depicted humans fused with machines, just existing. Not surprised or emotional, but in a state of being.