Reviews for "with the last drop of juice"

WOW deep.

wow when I first saw this I thought the robot was sucking the life out by taking his blood or something XD and when I saw the description my heart skipped a beat or 2.........heh I guess im just a the glass is half empty type of a guy anyway great picture man

Paxilon responds:

Hah! I never looked at it quite that way, but I would still consider it a glass half full situation if I were the robot. Mmmm.... sweet, delicious lifeblood. So good for my robo-parts.
Thanks a lot!

I legitimately got really cold after seeing this. Brilliant work!

Paxilon responds:

I was cold while drawing this, too, but that's because the heater in my room is broken :(

It was a pleasure to be one of the first to watch you draw this piece with such enthusiasm.
A well deserved win. Great work!

Paxilon responds:

YOU were the mystery viewer on that dark night! The watcher in the livestream who encouraged me from the shadows! It's all clear to me now!
As always, thanks for watching and thanks for the kind words!

Dude looks like more of an aid worker. Love your style, still am glad that I don't try to do colors in my own art like you. Just the thought of how long it takes.....no.

Anyhow, awesome.

Paxilon responds:

Thanks! Now, uh, would you believe that I had/have the exact same mindset? I remember trying to get things done as fast as possible. My sketchy style is built upon that, actually; it started with fast strokes, a lot of erasing, using shortcuts with colouring. I can't say that I've gotten faster-- in fact, I've slowed down a lot-- but I don't even notice it anymore. A little ironic, isn't it? I haven't even thought of it until now.
I guess I don't exactly have a point to this, heh. Keep up the speed if that's your pleasure but colour can be pretty damn radical!