Reviews for "Bad Guys In Space"

This was really funny. You really were on a role making cartoon after cartoon at this time. I still admit to not being a fan. I loved those blue guys. I mean, the small ones, not the big one. It's the Cyanide and Happiness guys meeting the Klay men!

The voices are still really funny. I like how suicidal these happy little guys are. It was good to see that. Stay tuned for something fairly brief after the credits. The length was good here too.

I know this is like ages old, but every so often I like coming back and watching the Bad Guys series, because it's so funny. Also, Chris doing all of the voices is pretty impressive, because he does more than just give them different dialects, but he manages to give them each a distinctive quality so that it really doesn't sound like the same person at all. I love these, and wish he was still doing them. Chris, best wishes on whatever you've moved on to.

-I'm beautiful inside
-I'm sure you are...for the love of Hesus
that was funny


that was funny but i thought spen was dead >.<

XD hilarious!!

"F*** you that is impossible". LOL, Sphen is funny, Bjorn is funny, everybody is freakin' funny! THIS VIDEO IZ DA BOMB!!!!yeah, Bjorn, Private Eye is still the best in my oppinion.