Reviews for "Bad Guys In Space"

o ya there great

The poorly drawn guyswin your video's rock make more come back =(((((

Best in the series

The last couple lines had me rolling!

"I just quit smoking bitches like you cold turkey, and I'm all out of turkey!"
"Oh, for the sake of fuck."

Very nice

Not only did I enjoy the animation, but I enjoyed the voices and dialog as well.

The author of this must be beautiful inside! Awesome! Only problem I had was the language, but it was great otherwise.

I'm going to die

When's the next Bad Guys
I can't wait.
Man,You Rule

lol funny as shit

My favorit lines are in this order:
1.engines at 200%! oh fuck you that is imposible... Thats the spirit!
2.OMG....sphen get my gun! (or was it francis?)
3.beam me to the cargo hold...Oh you can walk thier! SPHEN!...hell yes..
4.But comander...I am not holding a ship...SPHEN YOUR AN ASSHOLE!
5.Oh for the sake of fuck...