Reviews for "Bad Guys In Space"

YOu aRe beautiful inside!!!

awesome!!! keep it coming

fuck you thats impossible!

thats tha spirit!
sven youre an asshole!
a bite me!
randy space monster!
burns my biscuits lol!
sven! makea dis bitch fly!
eer okay...
engines at 300%!
ah blow it out your..
lol these things are so funny!!!


RAISED IT TO 4.25!!!!!!!!!


This is yet another of your submissions i really enjoyed. Loved the little blue guys made of rainbows. Forgot what you called them but it made me laugh when they were stabbing themselves and each other. Hopefully that doesn't make me a sick and twisted person though. Great work with this series.


This is unquestionably the funniest thing I've seen all year.