Reviews for "Bad Guys In Space"

(spoiler alert) ch. 3.5: put the sheep down!

"sven put the sheep down" please note he says 'ship' in a russian-american accent

"but commander..."

"sven put the sheep down!

"but, commander i am not holding a sheep"

"sven your an asshole!"



haha, nice...

"Your beautiful inside!"

haha :)

I like it. As a comedic flash, very much yes :)

By the way, why did he blow up the moon?

"hyperion 8... Hyperion 9.... hpyerion 10.... aughhh"


10/10 5/5


It has no subtitles and it's not so funny and brilliant like the 3 first bad guys ......anyway you're such a good flash developer


werry funny... i think you are beutiful inside... AAARGH SPLAT (falling blood). -commander are okay... O.O

0_0 THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!

HE BLEW UP THE MOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have the sun forever shining opon us till the earth is burned to a crisp WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU BAD GUYS!!!!!!!!?????????? funny and great show i give it 5/5 and 10/10 for my comment!!!!