Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"

pretty sweet...

that was really good, the next best thing to downloading Naruto MUGEN. also, the next one shouldn‘t be called JOUNIN battles. it goes like this:
just so you know...

Cool game

cool game dude I like your games if you make Naruto Jonin Battles
you could upgrade graphics and attacks

If you can, make one more with:

Hinata, Choji, 3rd Hokage, Itachi, Shikamaru, Kankuro, Naruto (Nine tailed), and possibly add attacks to use in the air...
Anyway, I made a guide of specials for the curious...
---Special attacks---
Naruto: Rasengan
Sasuke: Chidori
Sakura: Inner Sakura
Neji: Rotation (WTF!?! Ithought it was a defensive attack!)
Lee: Primary Lotus
Ino: Mind transfer jutsu? I don't know...
KIba: I'm not sure...
Shino: Parasitic Insects
Sound Ninja: Sound wave (Not much damage, but uses little chakra)
Temari: Fan swipe
Gaara: Sand Coffin (No damage, but it restricts the opponent's movement)
Kabuto: Chakra scalpels ("Holy SH*T What happened to my chakra?!?" "Lol")
Iruka: Speed boost (Self explanitory)
Kakashi: Sharingan (Speeds him up faster than Iruka)
Orochimaru: Sword Summoning ("WHOA! WHERE'D THAT SWORD COME FROM?!? GAAAAH!!!!" VERY Painful.)
-----------That was my special attacks list, hope you enjoyed-------
I came up with some of the names.
Anyway, 5'd, 10'd and fav'd!




Dude this is ill everyone always makes rpg naruto games but this a great naruto game. 1 because its fighting,2 itsentertaining, and 3..... well its good BUT U NEED TO MAKE IT WITH MORE JUTSU AND CHARACTERS