Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"

Ideas to make game better!

1. Put a online story mode so u can play with others 2. Also put saves and usernames and a lobby to chat to others and a friend list 3. A online multiplayer battle with up to 4 ppl like team battles or battle royal that and servers privite games or for all to join 4. Put alot more charecters and choose jutsus u wana use for the battle also transformations like naruto and sasuke u know 5. And improve the sprites please reply if u think these r good ideas or if u want to discuss ideas for the game plz reply thank u for ur time

Not Bad Cept moves and sprites

The moves for the chars atucally suck and the sprites suck even more get some deekman spirtes wich are awesome other then that good"




I love this game..Even if it has no music I can listen to my own and play this game ^.^


Dude this game kicks ass,but i must agree with everone else