Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"

Can be done better.

make better jutsu,clearer description,better characters such as tsunade or jiraiya.and add BLOCK plz. i cant understand why ppl refuses to add block in fighting games ==


Dude this is ill everyone always makes rpg naruto games but this a great naruto game. 1 because its fighting,2 itsentertaining, and 3..... well its good BUT U NEED TO MAKE IT WITH MORE JUTSU AND CHARACTERS


Awesome game i personaly think it doesnt need anymore characters but just better jutsu.

not that good

i'm not trying to be mean or anything but how are you actually supposed to attack.casue i'm always using neji and when i attack he just moves back and get's hurt. it's really bad

good can be better though

can you tell me what's an swf and where to find them?