Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"

well, it was ok!

yeah, really.
gfx - 6: sprites, what do you except? :-)
style - 3: argh, those sliding menus were awful, sorry. you had to wait couple of seconds before you saw what you were clicking.
sound - 0: music please.
violence - 2: hitting and kicking. i didnt play this 'completely', just a test. blood! we want blood! ...well, i want.
interactivity - 6: yeah. nice. but a small tutorial for the buttons would have been nice plus.
humor - 0: none, IF you WANT some, maybe some lame sketches 8-D well, i dunno.
overall - 6: good goodogoogdo. but i wont play this anymore... sounds and musics would have rose the number like woOSH!

seen better, but good try

you click on the next button after you click on the picture

the controls are confusing, didn't even try those chakra moves thing, graphics are ... anyway just keep it up but don't make something that seems half assed. good for a laugh tho.

wtf it wont work

i cant chose person or stage