Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"


its too hard.


I must say i have waited for a game like this to come out and when i saw the charecters and such i was saying omfg this is what iv waited for and i went to tutorial and saw the jutsu contorls and went for it as saske and i was thinking chidori or fireball but what happened ... absoulutly notta zip zilch nothing. Whats up with that?

o well i guess this wasnt it after all =<

good charecters though

sonicshadowguy responds:

Try again Pressing Down and - while having a full chakra bar it should work and have Sasuke do Chidori I just tried it so try it again and tell me what happened.


i put the wrong review on the wrong game i put how to use jutsus on this game on part on so if you want to learn go to part one my explanation should be there

That's Just Crap.

God,I can't Believe you'd mess up naruto like that! Sound,quality,everything that goes into a game you messed up! May the Power of newgrounds compel you to write better games!


I started te game...so far so good...main game....mmhmm...buttons didn't work, i right clicked several times to actually play, once i started to play the - and + buttons only depleted your blue bar thing, and the sprites didn't look too good and theres no sound,and the only sound I heard was when i hit sum1.