Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"


those of you who didnt like this game just dont play it and stop bitching about it. liked the game GO NARUTO

The Best

The Best Naruto figthing game if you make anothr could you add haku,zabuza and make naruto special be to make clon's of him self to help him figth until the real naruto get hit and if the opponet hi's one naruto clone then that clone gets destroyed

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the fact the is more characters than Genin battles but the moves (justu) could have been more violent than what they were

needed a few adjustments

I'm not a perfectionist or anything like that.But this game has alot of potential.It just needed a few adjustments.I'll list them:

1) It needed music like Naruto Genin Battles.I love that song for some reason.

2) Needed some sound affects.It makes a game dull when there's no sound affects.

3) People need to respond to attacks better. They can't just back up like they were just pushed.

4)Needs a cpu skill level.The cpu is kinda hard for me to beat.That is not enjoyable to me.

5)This isn't a major adjustment, but you could've added a few characters like Dosu, Kin, Haku, and Zabuza.

Well, that is all.Please read my review. If you can, make an improvded version.

sonicshadowguy responds:

1. I was going to put music in this one but just sent it as it was one night Im working on the version I wanted to send out now and Im not good with music.
2. Same as #1
3. Lack of sprites at the time and putting them in now would take to much time I want to get started on my next 2 flashes.
4. Im new with the cpu but Ill try
5. It would take to much time animateing and scripting jutsus I want to start on my next 2 flashes. And where can you find Kin sprites??? Nowhere XD and besides I dont like Dosu & Kin & Zaku. Zabuza next time!
Sorry its so long and thanks for the review!


the oponent will hit me nonstop which makes it chalenging but it was still cool. Naruto is my favorite show