Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"


Maybe you could make a game with the shippuden characters more jutsu and more and newer characters. Good job on this one. If u want to kno where to get shippuden sprites u could ask me

This is awsome

i play it every day i have a short cut on my computer but you should make a new one with more charecters and jutsus


I might not be able to hear it,but I know what the people would of been saying!I even made a plan for when I attack them!When they try to get near me I attack them with my jutsu to make sure they don`t come and attack me!I beat them by also taking up all the potions!
I love the game and hope u make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it wont work

it dosent appear and the speakers are not making any sound,how do you select a character?


You could work on jutsus like Kakashi's because he just speeds up.