Reviews for "TiGeR - Altocumulus"


Damn man you should sell this sh*t on iTunes! It would sell... definatley. I would personally be the first buyer :D
The description you made fits the song well. Flying is exactley what it sounds like. Good job. I'm not surprised at all that it made #1.

TiGeR responds:

Thank you for the review ^^, and I'm really happy to see you enjoy this song! iTunes might be the next step, who knows xD? Although I seriously doubt it :(

Well, thanks again for the review, and stay updated for more songs in the future!


the most epic words ever


TiGeR responds:



Very VERY nice song!!

This is beaurifully put together. your description of the song is very fitting and spot on. this song has been put together with a good elements and very few bad ones. The only bad thing i could think of is when the song jitters and then goes on. it was a bit random but even then you still managed to keep it going. Overall a very very good piece with a nice piano ending 10/10 for you

TiGeR responds:

Thank you for the kind review, stay tuned for more songs in the future!



Wondering... who played the piano at the end? It was really nice. And a bit of a change from the DnB feel of the song. But still good connections. The drums could have been a little bit louder, but great all around.

TiGeR responds:

I played the piano at the ending :).

About the drums - I totally agree with you. However, I personally think my drum mixing has improved radically, if you check my latest song called Green Skyscrapers.

Thanks for the review!


One of my favorite songs on Newgrounds. Seriously, so sad to see that you aren't making more stuff, but I understand that life can get in the way. I also miss talking to ya about music n' stuff.

Honestly, I want to say how mind-blown I was when you sent me the Reason file to this, my computer could barely handle the project lol!

This piece will become only more and more nostalgic as the years pass. A true masterpiece in my opinion.

I'm in love with those pad sounds, they are truly out of this world. And then the drums slowly fade in. When the bassline hits, it just gives me this rush. Like I'm going 10 000 km/hour, like you said.
And that second melody just sticks with you, it has that very melancholic feel to it.
Also the basslines you write are so smooth and well put together. The way you end the piece, with the sudden piano part, it just leaves this impression behind .. idk how to describe it. It's really out of this world.