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Reviews for "Slowloft: Overdose"

Pretty Dang Sweet

That kicked ass. It's a little on the short side, though.

And I don't see why people would think you're making fun of Krinkels. Sure, the style is slightly reminiscent of the Madness toons, but I think your way is better. Blob dudes, dramatic camera angles, etc.

I liked the violence, but I also liked the message. You're absolutely right, we have perscriptions coming out of our bums. It's crazy!

That muffin was great, lol.

The music rocked, too. Really set the mood for the combat.

One question, though... Why did you put in the "?!" button? It just plays the combat scene... I don't understands why it's in there.

All my 5 r belong to this!

Keep up the good work, man.

CirrusEpix responds:

Don't get me wrong. Doing a film like this showed me how hard it is to have 10 guys fighting all at once. Most of mine just stand there. Krinkles is the man and he animates very well. I am not sure mindless-violence is needed, but he did it first, and does it the best.


Finally! Yes! Finally! A full time flash movie! With a plot! See, every other thing i've seen made by you has just been a preview.. like the skywalkers or that one thing... well if you do have some other full lenght things, i'm sorry i've never seen them, but to me, this is my first. So again, AWSOME!

Very good flash

To anser the other guys question awer society is bound to Collaps.
im afrade to say but if we dont do something we as a race will one day destroy awerselfs its is only a matter of when and how


this was just awesome, especially the beginning with matrix stuff and then suddenly you get this pause where after you suddenly change everything etc, freaking awesome

loved it

but i have only one problem it looks like you are selling iguns or something but still refreshingly original for the type of movie.