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Reviews for "Slowloft: Overdose"

Pretty Badass!

Pretty sweet!

Much more serious than the 1st. Unfortunately, not as funny as the 1st, but it makes up for it more with the badassness.

twuz good

i liked it mostly for the muziq. everything else sucked{jk}. i guess it has rrelationz to sum ppl. but even if not, good flash.

Oh! I get it! Itsa ipod commercial! =o...

A very well animated flash that makes a strong point. The only thing that I don't get is the panic over the mass sales of mind altering drugs. Everything is changing. The meaning of christmas is commercial and marriage isn't a commitment anymore, so really mind numbing drugs are just another brick in the wall when it comes to the drastic changes everybody and everything is going through. If you're scared of losing your emotions and becoming less human, then you should relax and pop some zoloft. It'll take the edge off of your worry =)

CirrusEpix responds:

Without getting too preachy, have you noticed that the only truely destructive creature on this planet is mankind? I think religion's greatest trick was getting us to believe we weren't made in the Devil's image...

very good

i love how u shake up the normal "madness" scene, and on that subject it would seem that he has three hands at one point in there. I may be mistaken but it sure looks like it. Anyway good job. love your work keep on doin what ur doin


I saw this almost a year ago when I was first introduced to NG and LOVED it. Now that I have the internet again I spent some time last night trying to find it again to show to my friend.

Anyway, I LOVE this flash... I think it's great and it puts a big smile on my face. And kudos for that!