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Reviews for "Slowloft: Overdose"


Apparently that "Slowloft" aint workin so well... he was movin prety damn fast if ya ask me :P
ANYWAY Awsome flash!

Ignorant People make me sick......

It hate clogging up a review with a message to the idiots, but I felt it necessary. First off go watch the first movie if you can't fallow the story line of this one. 2nd the "Blobs" are the characters from the Zoloft commercials.... I thought this was pretty clear as day. 3rd if you live under a rock, cannot grasp adult views, or are just plain immature yes you won't get this animation. Now on to the review....

The whole idea of parodying the big drug companies is a good idea. We live in a society where people go into the Dr.'s office asking for drugs, rather than having the Dr. even see if they need drugs at all. Millions of dollars are spent advertising drugs to the American public as if they are the cure all for our ailments. I appluad you on a job well done as for as the parody content goes.

Next up is the music, you did a great job of choosing the music for the different parts of the movie (even the intro to the menu). Everything flowed together, and set the mood for each peice of the animation well. And yes they were even the most popular overused songs in history. But the way you used them made up for that fact, unlike other animations that try to use the songs as a crutch to get the animation by.

Violence is next up on the list. I will say krinkles himself probably even loved the little matrix/madness parody put in there. The morons will call it "making fun" or "copying" or what ever their little brains can think, but I would just ignore them anyway. I think even if you had stuck with the matrix/madness style and not changed it up it would have still been great. Definetly a 10/10 for violence.

As far as style goes you succeded in making a world that seemed to flow nicely with the Zoloft characters. The colors,details, etc all worked together nicely, nothing was over done or under done. The animation was smooth using what seemed to be mostly motion tweens with occasional FBF. Looks like you know your way around Flash pretty well, 10/10 for Graphics/Style/Animation.

In conclusion its a great animation, and its parodies a real issue in today's society. Those too immature or "sensitive" to understand things like this can just shove their heads back up their ass and go about their lives. The others of us that can enjoy this, will and hopefully you might even make a 3rd. You mix a very entertaining animation with a good message, something hard to do. Don't listen to the idiots, great work, and hope to see more from you.

CirrusEpix responds:

Thanks for the review. I tried to make it entertaining enough for those who didn't get it the first time but still deep enough for those who did. To defend a few on this board, the Zoloft comercials did not play internationally. Thus, those may just be "blobs" to some. Thanks!


original style of fighting
pretty ok music
equiped with plot not just a random fight
very well thought
but little balls with guns shooting all over the place? make's me hope for more realistic characters


Good film, strong message.


i loled at this idea

Slowloft featuring IPod.
they both cure depression, except for you!